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jeudi 29 juillet 2021

David Niven

01er mars 1910 - 29 juillet 1983

Ce qui me rapproche de David Niven :

“Events are temporary. Bad things happen, but usually we do not feel their effects on us forever. It’s really true that time heals wounds. Your disappointments are important and serious, but your distress will pass and your life will take you in new directions. Give yourself some time.”

“Sometimes days fly by without anything standing out in your mind, without any tangible improvement. Every day make sure, no matter how small the effort, that you do something to make your dreams come true.” Read more

Dans sa filmographie :

Bourvil, ...

Le Cerveau (1969) - Bande annonce


La Panthère rose - Film (1963) - SensCritique

La Panthère Rose - 1963 - Générique

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